Read Ryan’s interview, I’m not even slightly concerned - I’m just super interested to see what season 6 has in store for us!!

THAT FUCKING TAG SAYS IT ALL!  I mean seriously, why THE FUCK would they have gone and done the most elaborate proposal on the fucking show in the first episode of this season only to have them break them up in the last episode…IT WILL NOT HAPPEN PEOPLE!  JFC…Maybe they’ll be separated for a BRIEF period or hell maybe Kurt will follow Blaine to Hollywood or whatever…WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?  The point is KLAINE WILL NOT BE BREAKING UP!  I WOULD BET MY LIFE ON IT!  


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Give him a subtle compliment and this is what you get :3

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remember when darren had just started doing red carpets and there was some article that came out about how people were trying to work with darren on how to act on the red carpet and darren was just like “yeah, uh… fuck that.”image

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I’ll just leave this here…

Holy shit.

that’s what I call puberty

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glee + the cast’s family/friends being extras

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Not While I’m Around

Summary: Klaine. Missing 5x15 scene. After Blaine and Rachel’s embarrassing review of their winter critique, Blaine vents to Kurt who decided to walk him home.

"That is the last time I listen to Rachel Berry!” Blaine huffed as he stormed into his room at his shared apartment, his fiance trailing right behind him, “Let’s do a duet Blaine! Imagine how impressed Carmen will be when she sees our fabulous stage chemistry!”

"Well it’s okay, she’s letting you do the critique again."

"Yeah, luckily!" Blaine ripped off his bow tie as he started pacing the room, "But I have to do it this week! What am I supposed to sing? I have no time to prepare, and you know she’s going to be even more critical about this next performance and if I fail it means I’ll barely pass the class which will ruin my GPA and that means goodbye to my chances of graduating summa cum laude and no director will ever want to cast me-!”

"Blaine!" Kurt placed both hands on his frantic fiance’s shoulders, "breathe."

Once Blaine was brought back down to Earth, Kurt took his hands and sat them down on his bed, looking at him with comfort eyes saying,

"You’ll be fine."

But Blaine was still unconvinced, “How do you know that?”

"Because, Blaine Devon Anderson, you are the most talented guy in all of New York City, and I think Carmen Tibideaux knows that, and that’s why she’s giving you another chance. And I personally think it’s because she just wants an excuse to hear your breathtaking voice again."

Blaine gave a small laugh at that.

"And don’t worry about failing, because you and I are going to look through Stephen Sondheim’s entire collection of work and choose the perfect song for you that’ll blow the turban off Madam Tibideaux’s head."

That was the thing about Kurt, no matter what Blaine was going through, he always had to power to make everything okay.

"God, I love you." Blaine leaned in at the same time as Kurt so their lips matched up perfectly. It wasn’t a sexy kiss, or one of their greeting kisses, it was their "we’re going to be okay" kiss. Like the kiss they shared after the junior prom that went less than perfect, like the kiss they shared when Kurt was stressed about not being good enough for NYADA, like the kiss they shared the night they made love for the first time, like the kiss they shared when Blaine thought he was going to lose Kurt to a certain blonde kid, and like the kiss they shared when Kurt was rejected from NYADA. In fact, it was exactly like the kiss they shared only a few weeks prior, when they agreed to live separately.

"Thank you." Blaine breathed when they finally parted.

"Your welcome." Kurt smiled and began to sit up, "So tomorrow at lunch we’ll discuss potential songs based off tone and-" but Kurt stopped when he realized his fiance’s hand around his arm was preventing him from leaving.

"No, stay."

"Blaine, I have to get home, Rachel’s probably having a total freak out right now and I gotta make sure she doesn’t kill Artie in a fit of rage-"

"I’m sure Artie can fend for himself." Blaine leaned back as he pulled Kurt to him so that he was laying on his chest "Please…I’m way too stressed to try to fall asleep on my own tonight…stay with me?"

"What about Sam?

"He won’t mind sleeping on the couch again. We’ll just tell him we’re preparing for my critique that’s supposed to blow you away right?”

Now it was Kurt’s turn to laugh, “You’re such a weirdo.”

"And yet you still love me."

"I do love you" Kurt leaned down and pecked his fiance’s lips once more, just to let him know he means it, "Hmm, speaking of weird, what do you think about Sweeny Todd?"

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